Paper + Plastick unveil Black Friday massive sale

Paper + Plastick have unveiled the Most Awesome Black Friday Sale by putting up brand-new first pressings of this year’s releases – Farewell Continental’s Hey, Hey Pioneers!, Junior Battles’ Idle Ages, Reverse the Curse’s Hither & Yon, Riverboat Gamblers’ Smash/Grab EP, a split from Red City Radio and The Gamits, the Are You With the Band? compilation of female-fronted punk bands, and the Plow United collection entitled Sleepwalk: A Retrospective. Also available will be a second pressing of Dave Hause’s Resolutions LP.

Additionally, the label is giving 15% off of any order when customers type in “thanksfornothing” at checkout, including all of the new releases. Also available are three grab-bag package deals for $15 each – fans can pick either 3 LPs, 5 CDs, or an LP, CD and a t-shirt – each package is $15 and is a grab-bag chosen by the label.

The label has also put up the following full album streams, just in time for your albums of the year list-making. Enjoy!

Farewell Continental – Hey, Hey Pioneers!
Junior Battles – Idle Ages
Reverse the Curse – Hither & Yon (also: free RTC song here)
Red City Radio/The Gamits – Split
Riverboat Gamblers – Smash/Grab (also: free Riverboat song here)

All the action, happening right here.

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